Opening of ICC-IRS

`First of all, let all of us thank God who has given us a blessing, wisdom and grace for faith and health, also an opportunity to joint and participate in this 1st ICC-IRS.
Second, on behalf of Director General for Christian Community, and also as representative of my colleagues; Rector of IAKN Tarutung and Rector of IAKN Ambon, I would like to welcome you all. Especially to the Minister of Religious Affairs, The Republic of Indonesia, to the Governor of North Sulawesi, to the Director General for Christian Community, and all invited speakers, presenters and all participants of the first International Conference on Christian and Inter-Religious Studies (the 1st ICC-IRS).
Welcome to Manado, North Sulawesi-Indonesia, welcome to our campus.
This campus, IAKN Manado, is one of the seven of State Institutes for Christian Studies in the entire Indonesia. As it is named, this IAKN located in Manado. The other IAKN are located in Tarutung, Palangkaraya, Toraja, Ambon, Kupang and Sentani in Papua. All seven of IAKN are determined to make the campus as a center of Christian and Inter-Religious Studies. In our national education system, IAKN Manado and other State Institute for Christian Studies mentioned above, are religious higher education, under the Ministry of Religious Affairs. In spite of religious higher education, all IAKN’s are open mind and use an inclusive point of view, therefore all IAKN’s have good collaboration with other universities, both in Indonesia and abroad.
In this wonderful opportunity, I would like to thank to Director General for Christian Community, Prof. Dr. Thomas Pentury. M.Si which has facilitated us in making this valuable international conference happen. Here we can meet, gather, share, and exchange the knowledge and research finding related to the theme of this conference, Christian studies in disruptive era. I do believe that through this wonderful international conference, we can discus and share about current issues in science and religious studies with our colleague from Philippines Normal University- Manila, Hoseo University and Seoul Jangsin University from South Korea, Underwood University from Atlanta, the United States of America and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – The Netherlands. As the host of this international conference, I do hope that all of you enjoy the conference and fully participate in every activity.
I also would like to thank to the Governor of Sulawesi Utara, Olly Dondokambey, SE and also to Director General for Christian Community, Prof. Dr. Thomas Pentury, for the care, attention and valuable supports so far.
Thank you to Minister of Religious Affairs General (Purn) H. Fachrul Razi
have deigned to come to our conference. This is an honor for us and for our academic community, and also encouraged of all us, indeed.
Finally, I convey my appreciation for the member of the chair, reviewer and organizing committee for the hard work and loyalty to science.
May God bless us.
Jeane Marie Tulung
Lince Sihombing
Agusthina Christina Kakiay

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